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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Increasing Your I.Q.

According to what I have seen around in the churches and reading books, as well as my own experience, if there is a book that has the power to raise intelligence, it must be the Bible. This seems to be a rather outrageous claim to make, particularly in the face of science, historical geology, evolution, modern studies of biology, chemistry, medicine, and perhaps sociology, much of which has its foundation in the theory of evolution and of natural selection. But as I open up to reveal some aspects of my youth, I hope to demonstrate the power that is within Holy Scripture, especially when read with faith. Sure enough, there were, and are, very clever people who would have dismissed the Bible as a book of ancient myths, or fairy tales, but the likes of these, such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchins, who each wrote popular books dismissing the Bible as contrary fables - where any truth found therein having shrivelled like an Autumn leaf blown away by the wind. Yet they have demonstrated their knowledge of Scripture, even if for the purpose of pounding it with the mallet of science and, according to them, common sense.

Richard Dawkins.
For example, how would the academic atheist make out the six days of Creation, and the Noachian Deluge. Then not to mention the Exodus of the children of Israel through the Red Sea, following a series of plagues which inflicted the whole of Egypt except the district of Goshen, where the Israelites lived. Those bits about the staff in Moses' hand turning into a live snake, then turning back to a stick of wood again. Who in this day and age had seen such a thing, let alone believe it? Then all those plagues which failed to convince a stubborn Pharaoh to release the Hebrews for a sacrifice to be made to their God. I can't help seeing the deception put to the Egyptian king by Moses and Aaron, insisting that the whole of Israel had need to go out on an errand, like popping out for a few minutes to a nearby corner shop, and then making a quick return. Rather, the intention Moses and his brother had was to escape from Egypt permanently, liberating his people and resettling into the land of Canaan, across the finger of sea from Egypt. With God himself backing such deception, little wonder Pharaoh saw through their ruse, and with such stories, Dawkins had no time to worry about whether God exists or not. 
Where mathematics is concerned, Sam Harris threw his weight against the dimensions of the circular bath which King Solomon had cast and placed near the entrance of the Temple. In 1 Kings 7:23 and 2 Chronicles 4:2, both verses gives a measurement of ten cubits across from rim to rim, and thirty cubits in circumference, making the ratio of just 1:3. Harris then argues that this is the worst approximation of PI one can imagine, falling short of the calculation made by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians hundreds, if not thousands, of years earlier, when the ratio of 1:3.14 would have been familiar among their priests and the learned. Little wonder that in the present day, someone like myself who believes the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God would, at best, looked on with pity, at worst, be totally ignored.
But as for myself, reading and understanding Holy Scripture has done wonders, believe me! When I was a young boy, I was diagnosed with learning disabilities, (whether rightly or wrongly) and I had to attend a special school. That was in itself very good. I learnt to read and write and calculate basic arithmetic. I was even assigned a task by the teacher to help my classmates to read. However, I must admit that we lived next door to another family whose two boys were excelling at their mainstream school, which made both Mum and Dad disappointed with my academic performance. I was aware of this, and I found that the only way I can make my parents happy was to excel. That was why my days at secondary school were a disaster. What I had learnt at my special primary school was hashed and re-hashed over and over again, in a class of slow-learners who were deemed no-hopers in further education, and were to be consigned to a life of unskilled labour. And so indeed I entered a life of unskilled labour, which I still do, more than 46 years later, even if I have now been running my own business for the last 34 years.
But my desire to read and write was never left behind at my primary school. During the lunch break, I often went into the school library to browse and borrow science books to take home and read. And that was out of genuine interest rather than to please my parents. It was not until December 1972 that a miracle occurred, which was to have a dramatic impact on my life, and I sincerely believe, have an influence on I.Q. levels. I began to be familiar with Holy Scripture. For full details of my conversion, read my two blogs:
1973 And All That...posted 19th May, 2013
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These two blogs gives full details on how I met Jesus Christ as Saviour and the first five years of Christian experience.

One of the side effects in reading the Bible is my perception of history. At secondary school I found this subject crushingly boring, with the teacher not only droning away about one particular person's life which was irrelevant to me, but having to copy a mass of notes from the blackboard into my history book, without learning anything significant. But as a result of reading the Bible and mixing it with faith, history became alive. Theology debates between Martin Luther, John Calvin, Jacob Arminius, along with Georges Cuvior, Jean Baptiste Lamarck, Charles Lyell, John Pye Smith, as well as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Fred Hoyle and Bertrand Russell, to name a few.

Along with history was my development in science, particularly cell biology. My understanding of the Genome, including the role of the Chromosome, Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), the Double Helix, with its fourfold nucleotides: the Adenine, Thymine, Guamine and Cytosine. Also the Ribosome, the Protein chain including the Enzymes, all within the nucleus of the cell. Now all this would have been foreign language in the days I wore the school tie, and for many years afterwards. I have gotten this knowledge from reading Holy Scripture. How come? Because I believed the narration of the six literal-day Creation, and I wanted to prove my faith in the Bible against Darwinism, which was advocated even by fellow Christians fresh out of University. To say in a nutshell, it would have been utterly impossible for the vast complexity of the cell to have evolved by chance as originally proposed by Darwin and his followers. This was proved by Fred Hoyle's mathematical demonstration in the use of certain factors just for the possibility of the enzymes in the protein chain to have evolved by chance - and came up with the probability of one chance out of one followed by 40,000 zeroes! Yet despite all this, our nation as a whole, even though calling itself a Christian country, accepts Darwinism as scientific fact, even among Christians themselves, and anyone who believes in divine Creationism is considered to be a nutter.

Also for a long time it has puzzled me was why, in the first chapter of Genesis, does the writer chronicle each day of creation as evening and morning as the first day, second day, third day, etc instead of morning and evening, as we would expect and understand it? This had to remain unanswered while I began to notice that much of the latter part of the Old Testament was about one particular city, Jerusalem, and something about a temple on the summit of Mount Moriah, just north of the original Jebusite city before King David took it over. While at school, I had an almost incomprehensible series of Religious Education lessons, but I do recall having to draw a diagram of a Temple on the summit of a mountain. I came up with something resembling Mont Blanc, or even Mt. Everest with a tiny, crude square perched on top. There was no comment about it from the male teacher. But the constant reading of Holy Scripture inspired me to visit Israel for the first time in 1976, as a sole backpacker. Looking at Temple Mount from the top of the Mount of Olives was not only an eye-opener, but had not an iota of resemblance to how I perceived it at school.

Visiting Israel in 1976 really made the Bible come alive, as I adored the sites which would have been familiar to Jesus Christ. Such as observing how ordinary residential homes of Silwan were founded on solid rock, which had brought to mind about the wise and foolish builders. But mixing freely with Jews had thrown a light on the apparent peculiarity of the Creation narrative. In the Middle East, the new day always starts at sundown, for example, allowing all trade to cease at sunset on a Friday which ushers in the Sabbath. It is the Sabbath throughout the entire night and the following day. At sunset of Saturday, the Sabbath is over and trading commences. I have watched shops open after sundown Saturday, even if just for a few hours. All this seems to indicate that the evening and morning of each creation day were to be taken literally, as the Jews would understand it, and not as indefinite periods of years as proposed by many Christians I have met.

During the days as a believer, I was praying to God for the big picture as opposed to isolated verses to prove or disprove a point, as seemed with the current trend of our day. As discussed in my last blog, the lives of Jacob, Joseph, Moses and David were shadows of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, as their rejection by Israel, their exile and their return to minister and rule all reflected that of the Lord, as at present, "in exile" as he awaits the command from his Father to return to sit at David's throne in Jerusalem. Also, as it is worth noting here, the answer to Samson's riddle, that from the strong lion, sweetness of honey is gotten, was a prophecy about the sweetness of the Gospel coming from the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who is Jesus himself (Judges 14).

I once watched a series of films on the television, about a very possible threat of human extinction by an airborne virus which was fatal to everyone who caught it. The rest of the story was about the few remaining people who were immune to the virus and survived. It was somewhat parallel to the eight survivors of Noah's family during the global Flood, except that all man-made structures, from small toys to huge buildings, as well as deserted highways, remained intact, as with all the trees and vegetation. Corpses rotted everywhere and groceries remaining in shops and homes went off very quickly. As such the few survivors struggled to live, finding and preparing food being the chief problem. At the time of writing, the Ebola virus over West Africa looks potentially threatening. Memories of the Great Plague or the Black Death, which killed multiple thousands, spring to mind. Whenever an infected person arrives from that part of the world, panic would ensue had it not been for the efficient quarantine system already in place.

But reading Holy Scripture allays such fears of mass extinction. According to Jeremiah chapters 30, 31, 33, and particularly 33:19:26,  the existence of our very planet, its rotation on its axis, and its orbit around the sun, as well as all life on it, human and non-human, are all guaranteed by God's Abrahamic covenant with Israel! Therefore reading Holy Scripture puts up a guard against the fear of global threats, natural or otherwise. For example, astronomers had spoken of the potential extinction of the human species by a collision of a large asteroid with our planet, a theory which now explains the extinction of the Dinosaurs (but oddly enough, not the small, shrew-like mammals living alongside), or as in the movie described above, a viral pandemic which rages out of control, or a dramatic turn of global climate, causing the whole planet to be covered in ice, as depicted in a blockbusting movie The Day After Tomorrow. Or man-made catastrophes such as a nuclear holocaust, as one TV programme had put it, a contest between Russia and the United States wipes out the whole of mankind. This was not far from reality back in 1962, when the USSR drew very close to coming to blows after the Communist takeover of Cuba by Fidel Castro, just ninety miles off the coast of Florida. Fortunately, a last minute truce between the two nations had only just saved the day, or else World War III would have been inevitable. And at ten years old, I would have been alive to see it.

The Cuba crisis may have spawned the social revolution, the rise of the hippie movement, the aversion of the work ethic and machine society, changes in music and the arts with the rise of the rock bands, and so on, but I am convinced that what nipped this potential threat of mass extinction in the bud was the promise God had made to Israel through the prophet Jeremiah. The Bible is absolutely clear on God's eternal covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The covenant of grace, which is eternal. Watching the present nation of Israel surviving against all odds in the midst of hostile Arab nations is in itself the grace of God, undeserved mercy. Despite Yassir Arafat's many attempts to wipe Israel off the map throughout the sixties, Israel lives on, as God promised through Jeremiah and other prophets. If the grace of God can be so secure for Israel, which at present, exist in unbelief, how much more secure is God's covenant with all who has faith in Jesus?

Fancy having higher intelligence? Then get stuck in with reading the Holy Bible. But don't read it with intended scepticism, but with believing faith. Ask God to reveal the bigger picture to you, which is redemption of mankind into a Kingdom of God with Jerusalem as the world capital, and Israel as the chief nation. Redemption of the whole Creation is promised, going right back to the dawn of history, to be fulfilled in God's own time.

Now there is a tonic for global anxiety.


  1. Dear Frank,
    Our former pastor used to say that a grandma who never completed grade school and who spent her life in the back hills, yet who studied her Bible, had far more wisdom than the philosophers and scientists who deny the existence of God. Pity that schools don't teach common sense, which seems to be sorely lacking among those who claim that everything came from nothing and that order came from chaos. Praise God that He has used your intelligence, love of His Word, and writing talents to proclaim the Gospel to all who read your blog and to those you encounter in your unique sphere of influence.
    Thanks as always for the great post and God bless,

  2. Dawkins says that faith shows a lesser IQ, in denial of how much his own belief system is a matter of faith. God says that anyone who says there is no God is a fool. I know who I choose to believe. Good post, Frank.

  3. Great post, Frank.

    Modern science based on research and observation developed as a result of the belief that an intelligent god designed a universe that followed specific rules of behavior that could be logically explained. Much of what is presented as science today assumes that those principles can change over time, so that what we know as a scientific law may have been different a million years ago. If the rules are not always true, then real science is impossible because it is impossible to predict when they will change again.

    Accepting the Bible as true definitely relieves us from worrying about many of the things other people are worried about.

  4. Hi Frank,
    The Bible makes far more sense than so called 'science' does, and God's word proves itself true when put into practice. I can't imagine how anyone could think that human beings come from apes, and if that were so then why are there still apes around? Why aren't they all human beings? I'd rather be a 'nutter' as you put it than a 'monkey's uncle'.