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Sunday, 1 September 2013

My wife ill in Hospital

For the past few days my wife Alex was admitted into hospital after I called for a doctor to pay a home visit. A week previously, she went down with a bad back, severe enough to weaken her legs to the point she could not stand up on her own, let alone walk. When I called the ambulance and took her to the Accident & Emergency department of our nearest main hospital, she was discharged after only up to a couple of hours of examination, with the verdict that she had a sprained back (see last blog.)
Then, about three days later, her condition worsened, and since I had to work to keep the bills paid, I found an opportunity to cry out to the Lord, literally, in the nearby woods. I cried for the Lord Jesus to help us. Soon afterwards, the feeling of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and of the unknown began to lift, like an overcast sky breaking up and the sun beginning to shine through. That evening, I felt the need to go to my local General Practitioner's surgery to ask if a home visit by a GP can be arranged, as Alex was unable to stand up, let alone walk to the surgery (we don't drive or have a car.)
When the doctor phoned us that evening, he spoke to us as though we were wasting his time. But by pleading for him to come and visit, he finally agreed to make the call the next day. When he did call that afternoon, he took one look at my wife on the sofa and basically said, "Hospital for you."
She was admitted, with the intention to have a MRI scan, to find out exactly what the problem was. Due to other patients admitted with life-threatening conditions, her scan was postponed for the next day - Friday - but this too was postponed over the weekend until Monday (tomorrow from the time of this posting.) Meanwhile, my poor wife is lying in bed at a hospital ward under heavy pain-killing sedation.
My feelings of anxiety and grief is tempered by believing the verse I have always talked about - Romans 8:28 -
For all things work for the good for those who love God, and are called according to his purpose.
Then I recall a song we used to sing at our church services:
The Lord is like a strong tower. The righteous run into it, and they are saved. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
I find such scriptures not only encouraging, but saving me from going hysterical. You see, we were meant to fly to Crete later this month to celebrate our anniversary. And this holiday is fully paid for. So it is no surprise that Alex wants to go as much as I do. However, if God was to approach me and ask,
"Do you still want to go to Crete with your wife's health uncertain?"
My answer, having given a lot of thought, would be;
"No, her health comes first."
This is how I feel for my one and only. As she is in hospital and I'm alone in otherwise an empty house, my hope in the goodness and mercy of the Lord Jesus is all I have. I want my wife back. Compared to this, everything else, including holidays, becomes as nothing.
Tomorrow (Monday 2nd Sept) she should have her scan. If so, finding out what the problem is and directing into the right course of treatment would lift away a very heavy burden - the fear of the unknown.
Romans 13 is about submitting to the Government authorities, because there is no authority which has not been established by God. Therefore this must also apply to hospitals. These too have been established by God, and I'm very glad about that. Therefore, if the scan is postponed yet again, it would not be my spirit to rant and rage, but more in line with pleading for them to find what the problem is and apply the correct treatment.

Because most of my spare time is spent by my wife's bedside, normal blogging has been put aside for now. So I wish God's blessing to all my readers and my followers, and for so much of your support and interest in what I write. I should be back soon, God willing.


  1. Frank, I wish Alex well and that you have strength to keep going.
    The Hospital sounds like a rubbish one, as they have not attended very fast with their care.
    I am in agreement that the holiday can be put off but with God's grace Alex will be feeling much better.
    Thinking of you Frank and you can always call me if you feel the need to talk.
    Your friend.

  2. I would have to disagree with you here Frank regarding hospitals, but the Lord understands that we are flesh, and we all go through different trials. There is clear instruction about what we are to do in the scriptures if we are sick, but we can only do what the Lord has spoken to us personally, because He gives us the strength to do it. I hope your wife gets better soon.
    God bless.

  3. Contact me if you need a lift at any time, Frank. I'm praying for you and Alex. Rob

  4. Hey Frank! My prayers are with you and Alex. By now, hopefully you have gotten the results of the scan. I pray that it is something that is easily treatable. (Normally people might say "not serious", but to me, anything having to do with a hospital stay, back pain and weakness, is serious. I will continue to pray for y'all and that Alex will be up and ready to go on your "Anniversary vacation" soon. God Bless. By the way, thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my blog. Sometimes when I read other's blogs, mine seems worded too simply. I'm may not be the "sharpest" knife in the drawer, but I do hope that people understand and realize that when I post, I contemplate and pray about what God wants me to say. My Book Reviews are done with God's inspiration as well. If I read something and it doesn't feel right with my spirit, I don't give it a good review. After all, the books I read are meant to be for spiritual growth, and if I am unable to understand what they are saying because the author enjoys using a "million dollar" vocabulary, or complex ideas, I don't see how I can recommend it to others and give it a good review.

    Again, thank you for your comment, and I hope Alex gets well soon. God Bless,

    1. Dear PJ,
      I have asked the doctor about our coming vacation, and he reccommended cancellation, even if by then Alex had made progress in recovery. However, I will still have a break from work that week, and I'm determined to celebrate our 14th Anniversary together, whether it is at home or in hospital.

  5. Frank,
    I also join with the others in prayer for Alex. I know that God still heals and performs miracles because I have experienced both. God bless you both and Alex with healing.

  6. Dear Frank,
    I am so sorry to hear of Alex's setback in her condition and of your distress. Praying for both of you, for rapid and complete healing for her, and peace and comfort for both of you. It may not be much consolation for having to miss the trip, but I'm sure that the best anniversary gift Alex could have is to know she is blessed by a loving, caring, concerned, praying husband like you.

    I don't know how it works in the UK, but in the US, if you have a doctor's note explaining why travel is impossible, they will usually give you the option to postpone without having to pay anything other than possibly a small fee. It might be worth a try.

    God bless you both,

  7. Hope your wife gets well again Frank. You can always take another holiday sometime. I have been saying prayers for both of you.