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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Judicial Acquittal

For much of my life the Internet had been non-existent. I was able to live quite well without it. Then in July 2008 I bought a laptop, and straightaway I had the Internet line installed in my home and well, I have been addicted to it ever since.

Then over a week ago the computer went really crazy, and unable to deal with the problem, I called one of my mates who attend the Kerith Centre (formerly Bracknell Baptist Church) whose life and full time job is computers, and he took my ailing laptop to his own home to track down the cause of the problem. After a thorough search, which included examining the hard disc, he traced the cause to a virus I have unwittingly let in during a former browsing session. I asked how this can be, as I have a fully operational security system in place.

He explained that if an email is opened which contains a link, the virus is let in when clicking onto this link, and the security is powerless to catch it, as I gave permission to allow the infected program to run. The link was attached to a website through which I donate to a Third World charity, leaving me to speculate whether the offender was attempting to worm his way to my bank account.

This is a frightening situation. It means nothing is safe. To think Paul the Apostle was right when he wrote that the love of money is the root of all evil, it goes to show how one can steal what does not belong to him, leaving the victim in total despair while the perpetrator gloats over his dishonest gain. It seems certain that Jeremiah was right when he stated that the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9.)

But at least I now have access to a computer, a desktop complete with a bulky tower, lent to me while mine is repaired. With this, I can carry on blogging.

As I have stated in previous blogs, one of my favourite passages of Scripture is Romans chapter eight, which contains the verse; In all things God works for the good for those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. V.28. During the five days I had no computer, my evenings were spent praying, meditating and reading the Bible and associated books. It was during this time that I felt God speaking to me in a powerful way. Although I was aware of Judicial Acquittal, the Biblical meaning of the word Justification, the reality of this truth had never thoroughly sunk in, even over forty years of being a believer. But this truth is the reason why I'm such an advocate of Once Saved Always Saved. During those evenings I was reading an illustration about myself who was overdrawn by 10,000 dollars, and the Bank was to call me to attend a meeting in the branch where my account was held. But as the Bank was about to 'phone me, Ross Perot, a billionaire, phones the Bank with the request to join his account with mine. This means that all the money Perot has is now also in my name and I have full access to it. Not only is the overdrawn balance fully paid up but I have unlimited access to funds of which I have not earned a single penny. In short, Ross Perot's account was imputed or credited to my account.

Another illustration was that I am standing in Court, charged with a crime. I was faced to pay a hefty fine of £10,000 or go to jail. Since I don't have £10,000, the judge passes a lifelong jail term and Security staff were about to escort me to the cells when a rich cousin of mine arrives and pays the fine! Now I am free to go home instead. Furthermore, I have done nothing to earn a single penny of the fine paid by my cousin.

But the tragic story is, I could plead my guilt and insist I serve jail time. Thus, even if the penalty is fully paid, I'm still led to the cells. Tragic isn't it?

Tragic it is, and many choose to serve their jail time than to walk out free! The penalty paid I'm referring to is the price Jesus Christ paid Infinite Justice when he died on the cross.

When Jesus died on the cross, the sins of every person born were transferred to him, for he died for the sins of the whole world. Paul wrote that in Christ the whole world was reconciled to God, not counting their sins against them (John 1:29, 2 Corinthians 5:19, Colossians 1:20.) Therefore whenever a person puts his trust in Jesus Christ, the Heavenly Court declares him "not guilty." All his sins are wiped away, without a single work done by the sinner to earn this forgiveness. But furthermore, the righteousness of Christ is imputed into the believer's account. Therefore, if Jesus Christ has lived a perfect, sinless life, then God will never see the sins of the believer again, as he is declared righteous. How terrific is the Grace of God!

Here is where the true Gospel differs from that of Roman Catholicism, Arminianism or that of religion as a whole. If, after believing, sins can accumulate to the point of loss of salvation (as James Arminius taught, for example) then Jesus Christ did not lead a perfect life, neither is the atonement made on the cross sufficient enough to impute righteousness on the sinner. The believer is declared righteous by God.  If so, then the believer's sins will never be held accountable ever again. Religion says that one has to work to become righteous. By contrast, the Gospel says that a sinner who believes is declared righteous, and God will never see his sins again, having thrown them all away as far as east is to the west.

These were the truths God spoke to me about in the last few days while there was no computer in the house. The fact was, I had an idea of these truths for a very long time. But having grown up as a Roman Catholic, and as a child, taught that grace was infused (meaning grace given for working to attain righteousness before being fit for Heaven) - it also took me a very long time to undo all my childhood teachings of the subject, and although I was saved the moment I believed in 1973, understanding Judicial Acquittance was something I would gradually become familiar in the years to come.

But despite such wonderful truths, multitudes are either willing to remain in their guilt, or don't know any better, or as I wish to specify here, being well educated and having knowledge being a block to believing.

While this blog is written, at present the BBC is currently broadcasting a series presented by the ever-so-lovable Professor Brian Cox, The Wonders of Life, with his enthusiasm on Evolution by Natural Selection. Cox's youthfulness, good looks and brains to match has, according to what I have read, become a darling among female viewers while the male population in general concentrate more on absorbing his rather academic presentation.

Brian Cox
But he, along with Sir David Attenborough, denies a vital truth in the Bible which makes Judicial Acquittal work. That is the truth about Divine Creation and the Fall of humanity, vital truths upon which the whole Bible rests. Brian Cox is a self-confessed atheist, and since he denies the existence of God, the creation and the fall of man, and God's attempt to rescue him from his fallen state, the idea of salvation from sin and being declared righteous by God becomes meaningless. This is a tragedy. Jesus Christ has already atoned for Cox's sins on the cross, and by believing, have access to the presence of the Father. Instead, his head knowledge and atheism will result in retaining his guilt, and to face Judgement. Yet, knowledge in itself can be very good. I have looked into the genome and the DNA operating within the nucleus of every cell in the body. It is a fascinating study - and one which cause me to look upon a creator-God with awe.

But Darwinism is the absolute enemy of the Gospel. And its subtlety makes it all the more dangerous. Here in England, a well educated person receives much more respect from society as a whole than one who is unlearnt. Today at church, I gave a short talk on Judicial Acquittal. As I stood at the front and scanned the audience, I was able to pick out a couple of faces who were guffawing at my testimony. If I had been a "Big Shot" in the Christian faith, I would have drawn serious attention. But a window cleaner? What do I know?

Just before my computer crashed, I heard on the morning news bulletin that our Education Secretary Michael Gove is to make Darwinism compulsory in all UK junior schools (of ages 5-11 years.) My heart sank. Here, young children will be taught a subject that would shut down any belief in the truth of the Gospel. For the sake of education, the truth that their misdeeds were already paid for on the cross becomes a non essential and the Gospel loses its power, and to be seen as a product of a few miscreants or nutcases. That is how most in the academic world sees us now. Rather potty, not malicious but a group whose beliefs are something of a joke and not to be taken seriously.

If only the Gospel, including Divine Creation and the Fall were taught with seriousness in our schools today, both in primary schools and secondary. If far, far more people believed the Gospel and had all their sins forgiven, then how much safer our society would be worldwide? For example, such a perpetrator who wishes to worm into my bank account would be far fewer in between. Internet browsing would be far more relaxing and more enjoyable.

But despite of all this, the Gospel will stand for all eternity, long after all knowledge had passed away.
Judicial Acquittal is the Gospel of God. And everything that is from God will endure forever.


  1. Hi Frank! Great to see you up and running again! It is hard when the computer goes crazy it has happened to me. hey try and hack your account details.
    Good work, Regards,

  2. My heart weeps at the state of society all over the world. It sometimes feels like what we do as Christians doesn't make any difference. The voice of the enemy is getting stronger.

    But then I read the book of Revelations and I am filled with renewed vigor to get up and keep going. Time is short. Life is short. Every life is precious to God.

    Here in the US we have been seeing our freedoms taken away one by one. Its scary and its sad but not surprising. Those in our government were chosen by the public. And the public no longer desires God or His principles. And without Him no nation can stand.

    I praise God for bloggers such as yourself. And you may be a window washer but spiritually you are a giant. Those who are last shall be first in God's kingdom. And those who judge us will also be judged.

    Keep speaking truth. Keep sharing what God is doing in your life to anyone who will listen. God is with you dear brother. Blessings.

  3. Hi Frank,
    welcome back. We needn't worry about what Michael Gove says, God's voice is far more powerful and if we shine our lights it will dispel all darkness.

  4. Glad to see your posting again Frank; and what a comeback post!

  5. Amen, Frank.

    Every effort is being made to prevent believing in Christ's atonement being sufficient by both the secular education system and the religious system. It seems that many do not realize how often a doctoral degree is based on agreeing with the accepted ideas, rather than actually finding out the truth. It is no different than when Galileo recognized that the world revolved around the sun rather than the accepted idea that the sun revolved around the earth. The "authorities" don't like having their ideas challenged, so they try to discredit anyone who raises questions.

  6. Hey Frank! Glad to see everything is ok and you are "back in the saddle again". I don't have much time right now to comment, because you know "me and my 'books', and I have to get ready for Bible Study. Anyway, I will comment deeper when I get back. You said that Jesus was the only human who was raised from the dead? We mustn't forget Lazarus. Remember, he was dead for 3 days as well, and even though Lazarus' sisters sent word to him, Jesus waited to prove that exact point, that he could be raised from the dead.

    I also read a book not long after I started blogging about a doctor who had done everything possible to resusitate a heart attack victim, but failed. It was not until he had given up and was walking out of the room that the man came back alive. That was God. It had to be. So humans can be risen from the dead IF God chooses to do so. The name of the book is "Raising the Dead", but I can't remember the author. Let me know if you want to know who wrote it and I will go back to my old post and find out. It was really an interesting book, as he was not only a doctor, but also a missionary dealing with his own set of personal problems (a young daughter who was sick with a disease).

    Anyway, I will write more when I get home. God Bless!

    It's good to have you back!