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Sunday, 16 September 2012


Since today is my birthday, rather than post my normal prose blog, I thought of posting a poem instead, if you can call it that. It is of my own creation, something I wrote and had published in our church magazine some twenty years ago, when I lived alone as a single individual, and had apprehensions of reaching old age among the world's loneliest men...

The poem is called, Satisfaction.

As I count each penny at the superstore,
My small income restricting what I eat,
I walk into a neighbour's house,
To see a table spread with abundance,
With hunger, I pray,
"Lord, help me find satisfaction in You."

As I walk along the street,
Looking at smart homes,
Each with two or three fast cars,
I ponder on my tiny apartment,
And cry,
"Lord, help me find satisfaction in You."

I walk up the hill,
Pushing my bicycle,
A puncture in the back tyre,
I watch Porches and Jaguar cars whizz past,
I Pray,
"Lord, help me find satisfaction in You."

I compete in a cross-country foot race,
And I come last, well almost,
I stand in a large hall,
Within the rostrum stood,
And loud cheers as the winner receive his trophy.
I quietly pray,
"Lord, help me find satisfaction in You."

England had just won a major tournament,
The crowds cried, "England! England!"
St George flags forming a sea of red on white,
As a lone Italian I cry,
"Lord, help me find satisfaction in You."

I congratulate a friend,
He has landed a job of his dreams,
Big income, secure future,
All becuse he has a degree,
I think,
"Lord, help me find satifaction in You."

Then one day a man in a wheelchair comes my way,
Born this way he never walked,
He was hungry,
So I cooked him a meal.
He was thirsty,
So I gave him some orange juice to drink.

His face was radiant, his eyes sparkled,
I felt my heart burn within as we talked.
He told me of the wonderful place he was going,
Where he would fly!
And said that he will see me there too.
I exclaimed,
"Lord, I have found satisfaction in you!"

Some time later I saw the Grim Reaper approach,
His skull grinning,
He swung his sickle,
And I went down,
To breathe my last.

In Heaven I saw Him on his throne.
Thousands upon thousands worshipping,
He rose and walked towards me,
I thought, "Oh dear!"
I remember the times I disobeyed Him,
The times I failed Him, neglected Him,
I trembled at the admonishment he was about to deliver,
The rebuke over my rubbish spiritual life.

But as he lowered his head,
And put his mouth to my ear,
He whispered,
"My friend, I have found satisfaction in you."

For any readers born on the 16th September, I too wish you a happy birthday.


  1. Happy birthday Frank,
    lovely, lovely poem. The bucket is never half empty no matter what situation we find ourselves in. The Lord teaches us to be content with little or much, and true happiness comes out of seeing somebody else happy.

  2. Happy Birthday Frank!!! Wish you many many more years. I enjoyed reading the poem.

  3. What an inspiring poem, Frank! May you have a blessed birthday! There is a birthday Bible verse corresponding to each day of the year, and the one for your birthday is:

    Genesis 9:16 And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.

  4. Wonderful poem Frank; I can't really write poetry and admire those who can, and make it work like you did.

    Oh by the way, I hope you had a lovely birthday and I wish you many many more to come!

  5. Hope you had a great birthday. Enjoyed the poem. All the trappings everyone worries about are pretty insignificant compared to pleasing God.

  6. Hello Frank this is a very nice story, I have enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks for your kindness.